Before you travel

Getting to Budapest for a stag weekend is easy but we would like to make it even easier for you through the following information. Please make enquires about further details. Information below is of informative nature and gives you some guidelines on what to expect before your travel.


British and Irish citizens do not require a visa to enter Hungary but they must have a valid passport. However entry into Hungary can be barred if you have failed to pay a previous fine in Hungary so take care of that before you travel otherwise it can ruin yours and your friend’s stag weekend!

Please check the expiry date of your passport! Also before you leave to the airport double check that you have your own passport with you and not one of your family members! You might smile but it happens regularly!


We highly recommend obtaining comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling. You should check exclusions and that your policy covers you for the activities that you want to take during your weekend. Also it is important to know that the Form E111 is no longer valid. You should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before leaving the UK or Ireland.

The EHIC is available free of charge through most UK and Irish post offices or through the Department of Health. The EHIC is not a substitute for medical and travel insurance, but entitles you to emergency medical treatment on the same terms as Hungarian nationals. You will not be covered for medical repatriation, on-going medical treatment or treatment of a non-urgent nature.


For a stag weekend people are generally looking for cheap flights. We have put a list together of all low cost airlines and other airlines that has direct flights between the UK, Ireland and Hungary.

Easyjet (
Wizzair (
Ryanair (


Considering that you chosen Budapest as a location for a stag party and not for just relaxing and resting we recommend you book a hotel in the city centre, down town! Good discounts can be had when booking Budapest accommodation online – see offers on our own website. However room rates during peak season are often on a par with western European cities.

Budapest’s larger hotels are owned by well-known international chains that ensure high standards in service and facilities. Budapest has many hotels so it is not a problem (excluding the peak seasons) finding one in the required category! On stag weekends the more frequently used hotels are the 3 stars that have usually at least one restaurant and a bar and the rooms are equipped with bathroom, telephone, TV and in many case with mini bar and air-conditioning. Read our recommended sights and events: Jewish heritage article.


Hungary is a member of the European Union, but still uses the Hungarian Forint. At the time of print the exchange rate was approximately 1 GBP = 440 HUF. Usually if you change money in Hungary, and not in the UK or Ireland, you will receive a better exchange rate. Many restaurants and shops accept Euro or even GBP, but we recommend using Hungarian Forints.

Credit Cards

In Hungary credit cards are accepted at most places but not everywhere!
Please check the expiry day of your credit card before you travel!

Weather Forecast

Budapest has a temperate continental climate. The seasons are usually well defined. July and August are the hottest months of the year the average temperatures are 28-30°C (82-86°F) but it can be as hot as 40°C (104°F). December and January are the coldest months, average temperatures are between -5 and -10°C (23 – 14°F) but temperatures may fall to -15° C (5°F).

Before you travel it is worth to check the weather forecast.

Time Zone

CET: GMT + 1 hour winter time. (Starts last Sunday in October and ends last Sunday in March)
CET: GMT + 2 hours summer time (Start last Sunday in March and ends last Sunday in October)


Hungary Country Code: +36
Budapest Area Code: 1
International calls: 00 + country code + area code + local phone number.
Domestic long distance calls: 06 + area code + local phone number.